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Crompton Richmal  - William

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'William' by Richmal Crompton is Elementary Level (1985). 

Интересная книга для изучающих английский, адаптированная под учащихся 6 класса (elementary level). Видео версия данной книги также будет полезна и для взрослых, изучающих английский как иностранный. 

In this book we shall tell you about a little English schoolboy. His name is William Brown. William lives in England, in a small town near London. He lives with his mother, father, sister and brother. William is eleven. He goes to school every day, but he likes vacation better than school. William has many friends at school. His friends are Ginger, Douglas, Henry and Joan. Ginger, Douglas and Henry are schoolboys, and Joan is a schoolgirl. Every morning the children go to school. In England school begins at nine o'clock. At twelve o’clock the children come home to eat. They go back to school at two o’clock. From two o’clock they have lessons at school again. At half past five they come home from school.
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Crompton Richmal  - William
Название: William
Автор: Crompton Richmal 
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